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#Florida: At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the killer virus did not take a terrible shape! Death procession started! As soon as the situation became a little normal, as soon as the people started returning to the normal rhythm, the school-college-university started opening, then the coronavirus started biting once again by pulling out the teeth and nails! New species of corona Omicron has spread! The trajectory of Omikron is also found in Bengali, now the only way to survive is to wear a mask! And one such incident happened while wearing this mask, netizens with their hands on their heads! The video of the incident is viral!

What exactly happened? It is known that a man got on the plane after wearing a woman’s underwear instead of a mask! Adam Jane, a 36-year-old American man, got on a United Airlines flight to Florida wearing a red face. Seeing that scene, the eyes of the flight attendants and the flight attendants were filled with tears!

Watch that video–

But why did Adam behave so strangely? In his words, Adam protested against the ‘irrational behavior’ of the aviation authorities after the thong in his mouth! What irrational behavior? According to Adam, passengers on the plane were forced to wear masks. The mask can be opened only when eating and drinking! Even in this horrible cowardly atmosphere, the aviation authorities’ sternness seemed ‘unreasonable’ to Adam, and so he protested after the thong in his mouth! In his words, I also acted irrationally in protest of the irrational behavior of the aviation authorities.

The video, which went viral on social media, shows Adam getting on a plane with a red thong on his face! A flight attendant told him that if he did not open his mouth, he would have to get off the plane. After a short conversation, it is seen that Adam Jane is getting off the plane. It is learned that United Airlines has banned Adam Jane. Jane said that after she was dropped off, many more passengers alighted from the plane in support of her protest.


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