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Mangal Dosh Upay in Hindi- India TV Hindi
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Mangal Dosh Upay in hindi


  • If Mars is bad in the horoscope, there is a bad effect on both physical and mental.
  • Follow these measures to strengthen Mars

According to astrology, the effect of bad dasha of any planet in the horoscope is visible to the person in some way or the other. Some similar signs are found when Mars is bad. Which you can adopt astrological remedies for identification.

If in the horoscope of the native Mars If its condition is bad then it has a bad effect on health. Where on one hand he has to face problems like eye problems, high blood pressure, stones. On the other hand, getting more angry when Mars is bad, boasting, consuming meat-temple, deceiving a relative is also included.

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If you are getting signs of bad planet Mars in the horoscope, then start worshiping Hanuman ji. Along with this, you can adopt these astrological remedies.

Remedy to strengthen Mars

  1. Wear red colored clothes after taking bath to strengthen Mars. After this garland 3, 5 or 7 times while chanting this mantra- Om kran kreen krauns: bhoumay namah:
  2. Keep fast on Tuesday. Doing this also strengthens Mars.
  3. Offering vermilion to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday is considered auspicious. On this day, mix some jasmine oil in vermilion too. Even this makes Mars stronger.
  4. To strengthen Mars, one can offer Chola to Hanuman ji. This will also benefit.
  5. To strengthen Mars in horoscope Coral can also wear. Let us tell you that the zodiac stone of Mars is coral. Therefore, after asking astrologer, make the same amount of coral and wear it on Tuesday. This will also benefit.
  6. To strengthen Mars, donate red cloth, copper, wheat, jaggery etc.

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