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#NewDelhi: Mumbai-born Amrapali Gan has been promoted to the role of CEO at OnlyFan. Tim Stokley, the founder of the company, recently resigned from the top position of this company. After that, the company has put Amrapali Gan in the top position. But many may not know that Amrapali was born in India, in the commercial city of Mumbai.

The world’s fastest growing technology companies are now headed by Indians or people of Indian descent. Beautiful Pichai, Satya Nadela, Pollen Agarwal from Arvind Krishna. The latest addition to that list is Amrapali. He was born in Mumbai. Primary and higher education, however, everything he received from California. That’s where he lives. He is now 36 years old. In addition to holding the position of CEO of Only Fans, he has also worked as a consultant for multiple companies over the last few years.

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He has been the Chief Marketing and Communication Officer of Only Fans since 2020. He has worked almost side by side with the head of this organization established in 2016. Announcing Amrapali’s name at the time of leaving the post, the head of the company said that Amrapali has deep feelings about this website. So the organization thinks of giving responsibility to someone other than him. The outgoing chief hopes that the company will reach out to more people faster, with more plans, and create a larger environment.

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Prior to working for Only Fans, Amrapali worked for multiple buyer-centric organizations. He worked for Quest Nutrition. He was also associated with Red Bull Media House. He also played a key role in creating the first cannabis restaurant in America.



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