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New Delhi: Eventually, Hadish Millal was abducted by Chinese forces in Arunachal Pradesh. On Sunday, the Indian Army said it had found a missing teenager in the village. Allegedly, a 16-year-old boy named Miram Taron was abducted by Chinese forces in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Siang district on Wednesday. After that, BJP MP Tapir Gao tweeted. He wrote, “The teenager was abducted from the border area of ​​India. He also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in the tweet. This example of Chinese aggression is not new at all. The young man was abducted by the PLA. The five Indian nationals allegedly abducted worked as porters and guides for the Indian Army. Pandey said India had been informed by the Chinese military that they had found the missing teenager from Arunachal Pradesh and would be handed over to India within a week. The hotline has been activated, according to defense sources. That teenager lost. Then his search began The PLA was asked to assist in his return. Read more: Notorious Don will fight for votes! After the Chandrashekhar Azad incident of Bhim Army, the Congress has already taken the Center by one hand. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has become vocal. Many places along the border are not guarded. Opponents are claiming that kidnappings and infiltrations are taking place on this occasion Read more: Height more than eight feet! India’s tallest man joins Akhilesh’s team The Chinese aggression in Arunachal Pradesh is on the rise. Beijing 7 has already changed the names of 13 border districts For the last two years, India has been dragging its feet with China over Ladakh. The Galwan conflict is gradually deteriorating relations between the two countries Despite India’s talk of compromise, China has repeatedly maintained its aggressive stance The recent meeting of the Indian Army with the Chinese Army was not fruitful. The Indian Army has repeatedly called for the withdrawal of troops from the Hotspring area. The Chinese army did not agree. Such incidents are constantly raising concerns at the border

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