Mithai: Sweet! What is waiting for the Modak family after that


#Kolkata: ‘Mithai’ is now one of the most popular serials in the world of Bengali serials. Crowds flock to see Siddhartha and Mithai’s naughty sweet love. Eight in the evening means ‘sweet’ time. Not without seeing a glimpse of sweets in the middle of office return or work from home. There is a reason for that. From the very beginning, the story of the ‘Sweet’ series speaks for itself.

There is no mother-in-law quarrel here. It is not a ploy to lose the mother-in-law, but how the whole family tries together to win over their beloved wife Ma Mithai. There is no work that cannot be done with the sweetness of sweet nature. Even if you don’t know how to read, Mithai is good at everything. There is no doubt about it. On the other hand, it is the best to make sweets.

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Although he did not accept Mithai as his wife at first. Side alias Siddhartha is slowly melting his mind. She is also falling in love with the chattering, chattering sweets. However, this Modak (Mithai) family is one of a kind. Nipa is the youngest daughter of this house. He doesn’t know what to do. Sometimes she dances to marry Ratul. Like a Bollywood movie, it escapes in the throes of marriage again. If not, the girl will go abroad, will go shopping. Yes, he does such things.

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Now Nipa is in love with Rudy. Meanwhile, Rudy and Dhara pretend to be husband and wife to catch the culprit. And there Nipa took entry in a police manner. The reason he wants to prove (Mithai) is not Rudy’s worthy lover. And he can do the job of the police to catch the culprits. And to do this, go to Mithali.

Mithai was shot while trying to save Nipa. For the first time, Siddhartha was seen crying for sweets. After that the speculation started in the net world. But will the ‘sweet’ die? Or will someone else be seen in this character? Or will the story change in another direction? Although it is known that nothing will happen to Mithai. Rather, this incident will bring Mithai and Siddhartha closer.



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