Models are selling bottles full of air! Viral video

#Washington: It is impossible to understand how much is happening in the world. Woman earns Rs 37 lakh by selling her farts! Some of it comes to the fore, the rest is elusive. However, at present, a lot of things are coming to the fore in the wealth of social media. Various things are coming up in the viral video. Recently, a woman’s case went viral on social media. It is learned that the woman is earning Rs 36 lakh a week by selling her rhetoric.

American reality show (Woman earns Rs 37 lakh by selling her farts) TV star Stephanie Matto has started selling talk shows online. How to sell rhubarb. Many have been surprised to hear. The TV star shared the video on his Instagram handle.

TV star Stephanie Matteo says she is very careful about her diet, so eat foods that can make gas in her stomach. He eats protein, eggs, yogurt, etc. every day. Now put the rose petals in a small glass jar. This time she filled the jar with gas (Woman earns Rs 37 lakh by selling her farts). Rotating with roses creates a strange scent. He arranged to keep the glass jar for seven days. This time the TV star sold these jars online.

But not just talk, Stephanie sells her old (Woman earns Rs 37 lakh by selling her farts) underwear, hair, bath water online. The number of his followers is 265 thousand. In this way, this woman is earning Rs. Everyone was surprised when this incident came to light. Stephanie explains how she does this by sharing videos.


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