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#NewDelhi: After adjourning the winter session of Parliament one day ahead of schedule, the Trinamool compared Hitler to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Hitler burned the parliament, Narendra Modi is poisoning the parliament,” party Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien told reporters on Wednesday. Derek O’Brien has been suspended for the current session of the Rajya Sabha for allegedly throwing a rule book at the Secretary-General during a debate on the Aadhaar and Voter Card Integration Bill. Naturally, he could not enter the Rajya Sabha on this day.

In the morning, he joined a dharna in front of Gandhi Murti in the Parliament House premises along with 12 other suspended MPs in the Rajya Sabha. In the evening, Derek said, “There is a government at the center that is killing democracy. They are running around with knives in their hands. Democracy is constantly being torn to pieces. Regarding the ‘Electoral Law (Amendment) Bill (2021)’ linking Aadhaar and voter cards, the Trinamool Rajya Sabha party leader said, What’s more, there is much more to it than just placing personal information in the hands of ordinary people. “

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On this day, the suspended MPs have read the proposal of the constitution in the Parliament premises. BJP MP Dilip Ghosh has sharply criticized it. In the words of the BJP leader, “Those who do not believe in democracy inside the parliament, do not believe in the constitution, break the rule book, they have only acted by reading the proposals of the constitution outside the parliament.” In this context, another Trinamool leader and senior Trinamool MP in the Lok Sabha, Saugat Roy, has slammed the Narendra Modi government. He said, “What will happen inside the parliament is not written in the constitution. It is written in the rules of the parliament. So the people of BJP do not understand the value of the proposal. We have protested inside the parliament. We have protested outside and outside. It’s killing democracy. “

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In the winter session of the just concluded parliament, Saugat Roy directly complained that no demand of the opposition was accepted. “The government did not want the parliament to function properly. We wanted Union Home Minister Ajay Mishra Tenny to resign. He should be sacked. The Special Investigation Team reported that there was a conspiracy in the Lakhimpur incident. No. Naturally, the opposition has no choice but to protest. The people will judge. “




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