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#NewDelhi: The world’s richest man Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturing company Tesla (Tesla Electric Car) electric car may be launched in India very soon. Tesla has recently been allowed to launch three new types of electric vehicles in India. As a result, Tesla was allowed to sell six such electric vehicles in India.

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3 types of variants have been allowed

In August 2021, Tesla Company was allowed to launch 4 types of electric cars (Tesla Electric Car) in India. For this they have got homologation certificate. Tesla has recently been allowed to launch three new types of electric vehicles. As a result, 8 types of Tesla Electric Car (Tesla Electric Car) got homologation certificate in India. Although the Tesla company did not say anything about the 3 electric vehicles of the new variant, Tesla’s Model 3S and Model YS cars were seen on the roads of India. As a result, it is thought that this model may be launched in India. But the names of 3 new models of vehicles with homologation certificate have not been announced yet.

Tesla’s car is being tested in India

Several Tesla testing vehicles have been spotted on Indian roads. But the American electric car company has not yet taken any steps to start local production in India. Tesla is still waiting to launch their electric car in India. Tesla is still in talks with the central government to reduce import duties. Negotiations are underway with the central government to bring Tesla electric cars on Indian roads.

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When could a Tesla factory be built in India?

Elon Musk said earlier this year that if permission was granted to import Tesla vehicles into India, the Tesla plant could be built in India. According to some sources, Tesla has requested a reduction of about 40 per cent in import duty on those vehicles to be sent to India. If the Indian central government complies with the request of the American company Tesla, they can start trial run in India.


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