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#Nagpur: For the past three months, the body of a dead puppy (Monkeys Murder Puppies) has been recovered from time to time. Residents of Bir district in Maharashtra’s Majalgaon were skeptical about how they were dying. Every puppy has been killed by being thrown from a tree or from a high place (Monkeys Murder Puppies). The incident took place in a village called Lavul in Majalgaon. The situation is such that there are no dogs in the village. The locals were worried about that. In the end, the real cause of death of about 250 puppies in the village was found out (Monkeys Murder Puppies).

Bir Forest Officer Sachin Kand said two monkeys were arrested in the incident. Several forest officials were monitoring the incident for several days. Two ‘killer’ monkeys were finally captured on Saturday. The monkeys were brought to Nagpur from Bir. They will be released later in the day, said a forest official. A few days ago, a baby monkey was killed by a group of dogs in the village, villagers claim. To take his revenge, two monkeys killed the puppies in this way.

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The whole Lavul village is terrified of the monkeys’ activities. Whenever they saw a puppy, they would pick it up and kill it by throwing it from a tree or from the roof of a high house. The villagers tried to save the puppies but to no avail. On the contrary, they are the ones who have been injured by the monkey scratch. The monkeys also tried to injure school children. As a result, most of the people in the area were scared. The villagers were relieved when two monkeys were finally captured.

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Although the incident is painful, netizens are making fun of it through the net. Various memes have spread on social media. Mim has been shared with Bollywood Dialogue or Gangs of Wasipur on Twitter, Facebook. Many have mentioned that this is a fight between monkeys and dogs.


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