Monthly Income Scheme: To get 2500 rupees per month, see how much money you have to deposit at once?

#NewDelhi: Generally, everyone wants to invest in a place where your money is safe and gives good returns. Are you looking for an alternative? Then you can invest in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme or MIS As there is no risk here, good returns are also available

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Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is a monthly scheme Through this scheme you will get your full money with guarantee 6 will also match the interest money

Money every month –

Each post office scheme offers an annual interest of 7.8 percent Its maturity period is 6 years In other words, there will be guaranteed monthly income for 5 years If you keep 4.5 lakh rupees at a time, you will get 29700 rupees every year for 5 years You will get 2475 rupees per month

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You can open an account for only 1000 rupees

You can open an account in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme for only 1000 rupees Anyone 18 years of age or older can open this account One person can open an account with a maximum of 3 people at a time

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What are the rules for this scheme?

There are several rules for opening this account You will not be able to withdraw your savings before one year Withdrawals before the maturity period of 3 to 5 years will be refunded after deducting 1% of your total amount. If you withdraw money after maturity period, you will get all the benefits of this scheme Due to the financial uncertainty created during the Coronation period, the tendency among the general public to invest in post office monthly schemes has increased.


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