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#Kolkata: She was sexually harassed But he did not find anyone by his side during this difficult time Gradually swallowed up fatigue, despair and loneliness Even his relatives and friends did not feel safe anymore (Chennai Student Suicide)

The 11th class student, a resident of Punemalli in Chennai, decided to kill herself. And before he died, he mentioned his helplessness in a suicide note

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In her letter before her death, the victim wrote, “Mother’s womb and grave are the only safe place.” Based on this suicide note, the police have started investigation into the incident of torture and suicide of the student.

That student was a student of a government school The victim’s parents told the media that she was studying in a private school till the ninth grade But the son of a teacher of the same school allegedly harassed her After that the student was transferred to a government school Police have also started investigation into this allegation

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After the incident of sexual harassment, the abused student started suffering from depression His mother committed suicide after being out of the house for a while When she returned home, her mother saw her dead

Crimes against women in Chennai have risen sharply in the recent past Just last week, the body of a high school student in Coimbatore was recovered from the bush The student had been missing since December 11 In another incident in Coimbatore, a female student committed suicide after being sexually harassed by a teacher. Police have arrested the accused teacher


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