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#NewYork: A video was recently shared on the GoodNews Movement Twitter account in New York City. The video (Viral Video) shows a multi-storey house on fire and two young men desperately trying to save their lives. Many people were shocked when the full video came out. What was in that video (Viral video of two men escape from a building)?

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There are a lot of videos on social media these days that were out of our minds even a few years ago. If you watch all these videos (Viral Video), you will be surprised. Nowadays, a video has become the subject of discussion where it is seen that a multi-storied house has caught fire and meanwhile two young men are seen hanging from the window. This video was recently shared from the Twitter account Goodnews Movement. As seen in the video, a large building caught fire and firefighters were trying to extinguish the fire under the building, but a young man was hanging from a building window to save his life. At first, the fate of a young man was found, but then suddenly another young man came out of the window and the fight to save the lives of both of them continued.

In the video, viewers see a young man trying to rescue another man hanging from a window. After a while, the two of them somehow got out of the window and reached the side pipe. The flames of the devastating fire came out of the window towards the front. In that incident, the people standing on the ground got scared. At one point, the two young men slowly started hanging on the pipe. As the fire got worse, they both came down the pipe and saved their lives. According to the information obtained from the video, the two young men aged 13 and 16 saved their lives only with the help of pipes.

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The video, which went viral on Twitter, has already garnered more than 200,000 views. Many people were shocked when the full video came out. Many people have shared this video on their account. It is learned that both the youths are in good health at the moment and have been admitted to the local hospital for some care. Another woman was seriously injured in the crash, the New York City Fire Department said.



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