Mumbai resident jailed: Young man jailed for sexually harassing elderly woman on busy highway


Mumbai: A 31-year-old man in Mumbai has been jailed for six months for showing a middle finger to a woman on the street. He was punished for sexually harassing an 8-year-old woman by showing her the middle ground. The incident took place in 2008 on Hughes Road, Mumbai. A 31-year-old boy has been sentenced by a magistrate’s court to six months in prison, saying women have a fundamental right to live with dignity. Women cannot be humiliated in this way.

The 7-year-old woman told the court that on September 17, 2016, she and her son drove to the office. They arrive at Cadbury Junction around 11.40am. Suddenly a red car appeared. That car comes to the left of their car and pushes their car towards the divider. According to the woman, their car was taken about 100 meters. Later, when they reached Hughes Road in Mumbai, the woman and her son noticed their car trying to overtake the red car. At that time their car came to a stop at a signal.

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The red car then came to their left and the accused driver of that car lowered the window glass and started showing his middle. The woman then told him to keep the peace, but he did not listen and instead started complaining against them. The complainant then got out of the car and wanted to talk, but her son told her to refrain At that time a traffic policeman came and took the young man named Aniket Patil to Gamdevi Police Station.

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Aniket Patil used his power to file a false FIR against the old man’s son. But the court has made it clear that a child should not fabricate a sexual harassment case against his or her 8-year-old mother, in order to convict someone. As a result, the court dismissed Aniket Patil’s false FIR, convicted him and sentenced him to six months imprisonment.



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