Mustard oil tricks to check mustard oil sarso tel purity in hindi sarso tel shudh hai ya nahi aise kare pachaan – Is mustard oil real or adulterated? Identify these ways


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tricks to check mustard oil purity

Nowadays it is very difficult for people to identify adulteration. Especially food items. From spices to grains, even oil has started getting adulterated. The use of adulterated things can be dangerous for health. Because of this, problems like gas, acidity etc. can occur. In such a situation, today we will talk about the most used mustard oil in the kitchen. It is used from food to prevent body pain. But if you consume adulterated mustard oil instead of the original oil, then it can prove to be harmful for you. Let us know some such tips and tricks by adopting which you can easily identify the purity of mustard oil.

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identify by smell

The real hallmark of the purity of mustard oil is the fragrance. The smell of real mustard oil is very strong, after smelling it, a slight burning sensation starts in the nose. If this smell is light, then understand that the oil is adulterated. You can easily identify its purity by this fragrance.

keep oil in the fridge

If you want to know whether the oil is pure or not, then first put the oil in a bowl and keep it in the fridge. Then after some time take it out. If this oil freezes, it means that some kind of adulteration has been done in the oil. This is because pure mustard oil never freezes.

rub on palms

You can also do this by rubbing the oil on your hands to identify adulteration in the oil. For this, take a few drops of oil and rub it on the palms. If the oil leaves the color, it means that the oil is adulterated.

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identify by color

Pure mustard oil is very dark in colour. If its color appears light yellow, then it has been adulterated.

identify with test tube

First put a few drops of mustard oil in a test tube. After this add a few drops of nitric acid to it. Now mix this mixture well and heat it. If this mixture turns red in color, then understand that the oil is adulterated.

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