Mutual Funds: Investing in mutual funds will be easy, take a look at the 5 investment features of PhonePe!

#NewDelhi: In 2019, PhonePe entered into agreements with more than 20 mutual funds. This has made the process of investing in PhonePe Mutual Fund very easy. Let’s take a look at 5 investment features of PhonePe, which will make investing in mutual funds much easier.

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Paperless process-

The biggest problem for investors to start investing is to submit various documents to complete the KYC, nomination etc. process. PhonePe has made the whole process of investing in mutual funds paperless for investors to overcome such problems. It will now take just a few minutes to complete the KYC, nomination, etc. process through PhonePe. All the processes like KYC, nomination etc. can be done in a paperless manner through PhonePe.

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SIP registration in 5 seconds

This SIP is the most popular among Indian investors. It is possible to save good money by investing through SIP for a long time. But launching SIP is very time consuming and a problem. For this, PhonePe has launched the first UPI based SIP in India. This has made the process of launching PhonePe SIP much easier. An investor can register for UPI SIP through PhonePe in 5 seconds.

Accurate information

Many investors do not know much about mutual funds. This can lead to many problems in starting to invest in mutual funds. But with PhonePe, it is possible to know all the details and exact details of investing in a mutual fund. PhonePe has created educational videos and short articles for the benefit of new investors. Through this, anyone can know all the details of investing in a mutual fund.

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Proper fundraising

Many people do not choose the right fund when investing in mutual funds. PhonePe has compiled a list of all types of funds to make it easier to understand which funds will yield the best returns. By looking at this list, investors can easily understand how much return they are likely to get if they invest in any fund. From this, investors will be able to choose the fund of their choice and invest there.

Investors control over investments

With PhonePe, investors can view their investments anytime, anywhere. As a result, they will retain control over their investments. Investors will be able to control their investments as they see fit.


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