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#NewDelhi: On the eve of Republic Day, a boycott of Amazon (Amazon Boycott) was called on Twitter for allegedly insulting the Indian national flag. There are certain rules governing the use of the three colors of the Indian national flag or the use of symbols. In this way the packaging of clothes, masks, or chocolates can never be made using the colors or symbols of the national pride flag. It is unconstitutional to use the flag in a certain size, color scheme, etc., instead of changing it in such a way. Nevertheless, the multinational is promoting the national flag of India on its own e-commerce site (Amazon Boycott). The National Flag of India is being used in the packaging of chocolates, dresses, masks, which is an insult to the national flag. That is what came up in the words of netizens. #Amazon_Insults_National_Flag is trending on Twitter.

According to the National Flag Act of India (2002), no part of the flag can be used on any uniform or dress. It is a punishable offense to print it on any box, cushion, handkerchief, napkin. Although it is not clear exactly how the use of the tricolor is punishable, or not. Amazon has been in a lot of trouble with this. Many have attacked Amazon as a strategy to increase sales in a short way.

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However, not all of the images are found on Amazon (Amazon Boycott). However, a number of masks, pictures of clothes were found, in which Teranga was used outside the law. Mostly made in India by a sporting goods retailer. Many people are posting a lot of pictures on Twitter, but not all of them are from Amazon. Again, many products are being sold on Amazon.

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In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against Amazon. It is said that Amazon is selling multiple items, including rugs, using images of Hindu deities. That is why a heated debate is created. Even then such a boycott campaign started. Such a controversy was created in 2016 as well. Then a picture of the Indian flag was found in a paposh. Jeff Bazos, the former CEO of the company, then said that the company would remove from the list all products that are involved in a matter that hurts a country or a company.

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