New Blogger Templates 2018 – Create an Amazing Blog on Blogger Platform

I’m using  Blogger platform for more than 2 years and currently using this platform for event blogging. I can say Blogger is simple yet very powerful platform for every newbies. Also, we can do anything on this platform, just we need to edit the HTML code properly with the help of online tutorials.
New Blogger Templates
If I look back, I can clearly remember the situation when I’m surviving to get some good-looking Blogger templates to make my blog user-friendly. But at that time there was no source to download templates for Blogger platform.

Now a days there are more than 100 websites are selling premium Blogger templates. Moreover, you can make a custom template for your Blogger blog.

I have listed all those sites below which is giving free as well as paid Blogger templates. Also in this blog post I’ll give you some amazing Blogger templates which is free but cute looking and I’m sure you will love it because you won’t be able to say if it is a Blogger template or WordPress theme. That’s true. Believe me! You will thank me later.

Let me tell you the basic but interesting things about Blogger Platform:

1. Blogger platform is completely free and it is owned by Google.

2. You don’t have to pay hosting charges.

3. All of your post and pages can be SEO optimised.

4. You can setup a custom domain name for your blogspot blog and you have the power to change your domain name at anytime.

5. You can move your Blogger blog to WordPress easily.

New Blogger Templates of 2017

So here is the list of sites and templates for your Blogger blog.

Sora Templates – This is my favourite site for downloading blogger templates. Here at Sora Templates you can download and use any template without giving a single penny. But you can not remove footer credits, to do so you have to pay.

Top 5 New Blogger Templates from Sora Templates

1. The Essence: It is a reader-friendly and content-focused template. It is best for personal and fashion blog.

Amazing features: Responsive, premium looking layout, robust design, fast loading, SEO friendly, mobile friendly, ads ready, custom 404 page, custom social sharing buttons.

The Essence

Watch demo or downloadThe Essence Blogger template

2. Sora Ads: Sora Ads is an Adsense-ready blogger template which increases CTR (click through rate) on your Adsense ads. This template has speed optimization feature and it is best for fashion blog.

Amazing Features: Responsive, Premium looking layouts, Adsense ready, in-built social sharing buttons, custom 404 page, mobile friendly.

Sora Ads

Watch demo or download Sora Ads Blogger template

3. Impreza: Impreza is a modern Blogger template which works best for food and fashion bloggers. It will look like a WordPress blog. Impreza template is both visually and functionally attractive.

Amazing Features: Responsive, SEO and mobile friendly, Adsense ready, in-built social sharing buttons.


Watch demo or downloadImpreza Blogger template

4. Meed: I personally used Meed template in one of my blog and found it is very helpful for all types of blogging. This template is a combination of black and red colour. It is looking just attractive.

Amazing Features: Super fast loading, SEO friendly, Responsive, custom 404 page, in-built search engine.


Watch demo or downloadMeed Blogger template

5. Your Coupon: As the name suggests, this blogger template is made for ‘deals and coupons website. You can create an outstanding deals site by using this template. It’s easy and hassle free way to publish coupons for your visitors. Also use affiliate links or Adsense to increase revenue.

Amazing Features: Responsive, SEO friendly, Ads ready, proffesional look, in-built search option, social sharing buttons.

Your Coupon

Watch demo or download Your Coupon Blogger template

Templateclue – Templateclue is my another favourite site for downloading templates for my Blogger blogs. Like Sora Templates, Templateclue also offers premium templates for Blogger platform.

Top 5 New Blogger templates from Templateclue

1. Daze: This template is suitable for megazine or news website. This template will help you reduce your bounce rate.

Amazing Features: Responsive layout, SEO friendly, Custom widgets, mobile friendly design, in-built search option, customizable.


Watch demo or downloadDaze Blogger template

2. Feedly: Feedly is one of the best proffesional looking Blogger template which is best for any niche. But this template will work best for Blogging, SEO, Technology, Photography blogs.

Amazing Features: Mobile friendly, responsive, template designer, smooth carousel slider, attractive widgets.


Watch demo or downloadFeedly Blogger template

3. Invento: If you want to create a business portfolio website on Blogger then Invento Blogger template will work best for you. This template has a clean and responsive design. Simply, you’ll love it.

Amazing Features: Responsive, SEO and mobile friendly design, easily customizable, clean coded


Watch demo or downloadInvento Blogger template

4. Inventive: Inventive is similar to Invento blogger template but it is not suitable for business site, it is for personal resume website. To edit this template you have know some coding skill.

Amazing Features: Creative design, SEO friendly, Responsive, awesome font style.


Watch demo or downloadInventive Blogger template

5. iPrime: iPrime is another great-looking blogger template. At this time, I’m using iPrime on my exclusive deal store. This template has an amazing font style which is looking very cute and that’s why your reader will love to read your blogs.

Amazing Features: Mobile friendly, clean and bold design, optimized for Google AdSense.


Watch demo or downloadiPrime Blogger template

Important tips: You’re going to create an amazing blog on blogger platform so don’t try to insert too many ads on your blog otherwise it can increase your bounce rate as a return gift. If you are publishing Google AdSense then use 3-4 ad units along with page level ads for high-end mobile devices to increase your overall revenue.

Conclusion: So, I shared too many templates for your blogger blog which can help you create an outstanding blog on blogger platform. All those templates are modern, clean-coded, SEO and Adsense optimized. If you face any problem then let me know, I will try to help you in the comment section. I’ll update this post with more amazing templates. Bookmark it. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. 

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