New Guideline For School Students Bags: বাগের বোঘায় কাত ছোট পড়ুয়া! This guideline is to reduce the weight of the small back


#Kolkata: A swarm of children, burdened with heavy bags, can be seen in every town today. The tears of childhood in the middle of the book shook the foundation of education! It is easy to guess that it is difficult for a young child to take ten or twelve books to school and read them every day. This hinders the mental development of children. It is not possible to develop their mental development in this way. The child becomes emotionally depressed as the unnecessary burden of the bag increases.

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With this in mind, a provision was made in the new education policy 2020. The weight of the bag has been determined there. According to this policy, the weight of students’ school bags should not exceed 10 percent of their body weight. To ensure that this policy is strictly enforced, an application has been made by the Department of Education to all schools to comply with the rules.

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Ministry of Education instructs to reduce the burden of bags-

Students cannot be given any homework from -Elementary class- to second.

Students from Class Three to Four can be given only two hours of homework per week.

Middle school students of 6th to 8th class can be given a maximum of one hour daily and 5 to 6 hours homework per week.

Secondary and higher secondary students should be given a maximum of 2 hours a day and 10 to 12 hours of homework per week.

The Ministry of Education is making every effort to reduce the burden of students’ bags at the school level. Because, the weight of the bag causes annoyance among the children. With that the height of the children stops and creativity is not born in them. Also they are not very keen to go to school.



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