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#Mumbai: 7 to get married against the opinion of the family A teenager beheaded his pregnant sister (Maharashtra Honor Killing) And their mother helped him in this task Aurangabad 7 in Maharashtra witnessed such a brutal incident on Sunday Not only did she kill her sister with her head cut off, but she also showed it to her neighbors (Honor Killing) with her severed head.

According to the police, the 19-year-old girl ran away from home and got married in June this year without the consent of her family She has been living with her husband since then The girl’s mother contacted her daughter last week The woman also said to meet her daughter

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On Sunday, her mother went to the girl’s house with her son At that time, the girl’s husband was lying in another room in a sick condition While Didi was busy making tea, her brother R suddenly attacked her Her mother grabbed her daughter’s leg Allegedly, on that occasion, the teenager cut off his sister’s head with a sickle

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After this incident, the teenager came out with his sister’s severed head in his hand She shows her sister’s severed head to the neighbors and passersby He even tried to attack his own son-in-law Although the young man was able to escape He is the one who shouts and asks for help from the neighbors They informed the police

The accused teenager and his mother have been arrested, police said The accused teenager is a minor, police said



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