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# Pyongyang: North Korea’s administration has banned the laughter of its citizens for ten days. The news was reported in several international and national media outlets. The government has issued the directive for the next ten days from December 16 to mark the 10th death anniversary of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. In addition, the North Korean administration has announced a number of other sanctions.

The administration of that country has introduced several more rules. Not only laughter but also alcohol consumption has been banned for ten days now. Retirement and festivals have also been banned. A resident of Shinjuizu, near the North Korean border, told Radio Free Asia. The administration has said that citizens will be severely punished for violating this rule.

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A resident of North Korea’s border region said on condition of anonymity that the North Korean government had arrested a number of people for drinking alcohol during the national mourning period. They have been severely punished. No one was found. During this kind of mourning, no one will be able to perform any Shraddha ceremony, will not be able to celebrate birthday. According to another source, earlier this month, the police had imposed such strict restrictions so that the mood of all during the national mourning is properly formed. That rule is being fully implemented from Friday.

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Everyone knows the history of North Korea enforcing various rules and strict laws. Due to dictatorship there are also various bizarre laws. There has been a lot of discussion and criticism about them for a long time. However, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not particularly concerned. He is ruling the country like himself. He is sometimes seen opening his mouth even against a powerful country like America.



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