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From factory workers to millionaires! One person became the hero of such an incredible story after winning the lottery. He has spent his whole life working in a factory (Viral News). Then one day, in his retirement, he bought a newspaper on his way home from a night shift. The man did not know that this paper was the key to his destiny. Suddenly, while reading the news, his eyes fell on the news of the National Lottery and in a short time he became a millionaire (Viral News).

The man, who works in a factory, won the 2 million lottery. However, as soon as he got the lottery, he called his boss and made it clear that he would not join the factory work in future. This incredible thing happened in Carlisle, Cambria. The 81-year-old man’s name is Ian Black. According to the Daily Star, Ian Pirelli worked at the factory.

Fate changed in an instant

Ian Black buys a newspaper on his way home from his factory. While reading the news, his eyes fell on the National Lottery. When Ian Black learned that he had won the lottery, he was overjoyed. When Ian arrives home, he asks his wife, Sandra, to crosscheck the ticket. The 71-year-old Ian Black’s lottery was worth মিল 2 million, or about 140 million rupees in Indian currency. Needless to say, the elderly couple have never seen so much money together before.

He called the boss and said- I will not come to work from now on

As soon as the news of the lottery was confirmed, Ian Black called his factory owner and made it clear that he would never return to work. Listening to them, the owner was shocked and asked – why? What happened? Ian replied that he had won the 2 million lottery. What will they do with so much money? The couple replied that they would use the money to operate on their pet dog and then buy land to build their dream home. They currently have 5 children and 10 grandchildren. Ian Black says it’s a life-changing event, not just for him, but for the whole family.

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