Not only will Salman be present at Vicky-Cat’s wedding, but Shera and her team will be in charge of Salman’s security. – News18 Bangla


#Mumbai: The name of Salman Khan was involved in the marriage of Katrina Kaif. There is no end to the interest in who is invited to Vicky Kat’s wedding, what is being arranged for the meal, how all the arrangements are being made, but also the name of Salman Khan is coming back in the mouths of netizens on the occasion of Katrina’s wedding. Salmon is not on the list of invitees, there has been a lot of talk about it. But Salman Khan continues to have an important presence in Vicky-Katrina’s marriage. Katrina has given the responsibility to one of his close people.

Not only will Salman be present at Vicky-Cat’s wedding, but Shera and her team will be in charge of Salman’s security. An organization called Tiger Security, led by Sher, is in charge of Salman’s security. They will be in charge of security at Vicky-Kat’s wedding. That is how the news was received. Earlier, the wedding organizers had a detailed meeting with the Tiger team. They talked about the safety of the wedding venue and how people would or would not travel. A letter written by a local administration official about this security has also gone viral.

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Shera, who is in charge of Salman Khan’s security, his real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. He has been working for Salman for the last 25 years. Vicky and Kat’s wedding security is in the hands of Salman’s faithful people at the wedding which started on Tuesday.

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Certain SOPs have already been sent to guests invited to Cat-Vicky’s wedding. In other words, those who are invited, they have to follow some special rules. That list has already been sent. The rules state that photography is prohibited, that photos cannot be shared on social media, that where the marriage is taking place, that location cannot be shared, and that contact with the outside world is not possible without an area. Those who are planning a wedding will have to publish the pictures with their permission. No reel video or any other video can be made from the wedding venue.



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