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#UttarPradesh: The infamous Don Bhupendra Bafar of Western Uttar Pradesh has entered the field of politics. The whole country is looking forward to the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP Election 2022). Earlier, standing against Yogi Adityanath, Chandrashekhar Azad made a fuss in the political arena of the country. Once again the title Bhim Army (Bhim Army)!

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Bhupendra is contesting this time on behalf of Chandrashekhar Azad’s party Azad Samaj Party. Bhupendra Saf, who is contesting from Siwalkhas, said that there are more cases in his name than in the names of many politicians in the country.

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All candidates have to submit details of both their offenses and property while submitting nominations in the election. A long list of crimes hangs in the names of many leaders of almost all political parties in the country. That list will occasionally beat even professional criminals. And in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Chandrasekhar Azad’s party fielded such a candidate and the opposition was given the weapon of attack.

However, Bhupendra Buffer, an Amitabh fan from Dawn in western Uttar Pradesh, said he was too embarrassed to nominate. Because he has seen more criminal cases in the name of many leaders.

Bhupendra was released from jail a few months ago. Police arrested Bhupendra Baffer on July 13, 2021 for snatching notorious criminal Rohit Sandu from the police. He was later released on bail.

According to police documents, Bhupendra and his gang robbed a bank in Hyderabad in 1985 and a bank robbery in Andhra Pradesh in 1986. He has been named in cases like murder in Muzaffarnagar in 1991, murder in Dehradun in 1992 and Lisarigate attack in 2006. The candidate has been named in more than 30 crimes including murder in Sadar Bazar in 2008 and murder of a businessman in 2012.

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