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#NewYork: A recent video of a junior female police officer in the US New York Police Department is going viral. The video has already caused a storm of criticism among netizens (Female Cop Give Lap Dance To Senior Officer in New York). What’s in that video?

Police are usually deployed for public safety, so much can be expected about their behavior. The police have to conduct themselves in front of the people within the prescribed rules so that the people come to them for help without losing confidence in the police. But recently a shameful video of a female police officer in New York has come to light which has started to be talked about on social media (Lady Police Lap Dance Video).

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Recently, a video of a junior female police officer from the New York Police Department of the United States went viral, where she sat on the lap of a married senior police officer and danced in an obscene manner. The video shows a senior officer sitting in a chair at a bar and the female worker sitting on his lap dancing in an obscene manner.

According to The Sun website, the video shows Lieutenant Nick McGarry of the 44th Precinct, based in the Southwest Bronx, New York City. However, the name of the female police member was not disclosed. According to the report, the activist joined the police force this year. In the video, the woman, wearing a mini skirt and short top, sits in the middle of the bar and laps dance with the officer. As you can see, the people standing around are making videos and are surprised to see all this.

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According to reports, the party was held to celebrate the Christmas holidays. The men in the video are believed to be members of the police force, though it is not yet known. The party was held at Rory Dulans Restaurant and Bar in Yankees. A post about the party’s campaign was already shared on Facebook. Tickets for the party cost 5,000 rupees. According to reports, McGary has already been transferred, and the New York Police Department is investigating. The officer’s behavior is also being questioned, but later the officer also apologized. However, no action has been taken against the female employee.



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