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#NewDelhi: Corona infection in Europe (Covi 19 in Europe) is spreading to other parts of the world, including England and America. The omikron variant of the corona is behind the infection. The number of people infected with Omicron in Britain reached 95,000 on Friday. In London and Scotland the omikron infection has now surpassed the delta infection. While the number of daily Omicron victims was 1,691 on Thursday, the number of daily Omicron victims on Friday stood at 3,201. According to the British Ministry of Health, 75 people have been admitted to the hospital with Omicron so far. However, no deaths have been reported from this species. The daily death toll in Britain has dropped slightly to 111.

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Terrible situation in America too. Omicron infection has also started there. With the winter holidays looming, this massive infection in his face has raised new concerns in the US administration. The US government has called for everyone to be vaccinated. Administrative officials say that the same picture is being created in 2021 as in the end of 2020. NFL matches have already been canceled due to corona infection. Multiple Christmas concerts have been canceled. Omicron has already spread to 36 states in the United States. In the United States, as in Britain, the Omicron virus is spreading at a much higher rate than the Delta species. In New York and New Jersey, Omicron has been found to be highly influential, with 13 percent of the total population being affected by the Omicron species.

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On Friday, the French administration announced that Germany and Denmark were at risk of contracting coronavirus. For this reason, France has also made certain rules for quarantining those coming from those countries. In addition, passengers from Norway and Lebanon in that country must also be in quarantine.


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