Omicron latest update experts warning 14 lakh daily Covid cases in India in Covid 19 third wave

New Delhi: Coronavirus new variant of Omicron (Covid-19 New Variant Omicron) At this time there is a big problem in front of the whole world. of covid because of omicron Third Wave (Covid 19 Third Wave) The danger of this has increased, after which all the countries including India are once again taking steps like travel ban. Health experts believe Omicron (Omicron Update) Delta (Covid-19 Delta Variant) Will be less severe than this but it can become a big reason for the third wave of Kovid. Experts believe that in the next one to two months, Omicron may be more dangerous because now its big effect is being seen in many countries.

At present, there has been a sudden spurt in the cases of Kovid in many European countries due to Omicron in Europe. Countries have given their citizens, including children, a booster dose of Kovid (Covid-19) to avoid infection with Omicron. Vaccine Booster Dose) Meanwhile, health experts in India have also emphasized on following the booster dose and covid protocol to fight against Omicron virus.

Effect can be seen in two to three months
If experts are to be believed, Omicron is less serious than the delta variant of Kovid and no serious case of this virus has been reported so far. But its transmission rate remains a major concern for health experts. Dr GC Khilnani, President, Pulmonology said, “We have seen the spread of COVID-19 in India after a gap of 3-4 months from the outbreak in Western Europe, so we need to be as vigilant as we were in the second wave .

There was a demand for booster dose
He said that the vaccine given to avoid infection also reduces with the passage of time. Therefore, the time has come that a policy of giving booster doses of Kovid to people with comorbidities should be announced. He said that the cases of Omicron and Kovid are emerging rapidly in European countries, so it may be that in the coming few months, the effect of this variant will be seen in India too.

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Infection rate is 70 percent higher than Delta
Dr Sheeba Marwah, the Kovid-19 nodal officer of Safdarjung Hospital, said that the infection rate of Omicron is 70 percent higher than that of Delta, which is very worrying. He said that this variant can also make completely vaccinated people a victim, due to which we can move towards the third wave.

14 lakh cases every day in the third wave
So far, more than 100 Omicron cases have been reported in India, while this variant has spread in 11 states. On Friday, NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul also warned that there has been a huge increase in the cases of Kovid due to this virus in Britain. He said that if there is a population level conversion in India, it means that there will be 14 Kovid cases per day in India.

On the other hand, the Health Ministry has asked people to avoid non-essential travel. Along with this, an appeal has also been made to cancel the celebration of New Year. ICMR Director General Dr. Balram Bhargava said that at this time Omicron is spreading rapidly all over the world including Europe, so stop non-essential travel and also avoid mass gatherings.

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