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#NewDelhi: Omicron infection is increasing day by day in the country. The central government is going to take special measures to stop the spread of the infection. According to the Union Ministry of Health, special teams of the central government will visit 10 states of the country to investigate the situation.

The team will be sent to states where the infection is on the rise and there is a problem with the speed of vaccination of Kovid. The team will work for three to five days in 10 specific states. The list includes Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Mizoram, Karnataka, Bihar, Jharkhand and Punjab. The state is also worried about Omicron infection in election-oriented Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, the Allahabad High Court has asked the Central Election Commission and the Prime Minister’s Office to postpone the polls.

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According to central government sources, the teams will work hand-in-hand with the concerned state health department on the days when they will be in the states. We will see how fast the vaccination is being done. It will also be examined whether the corona rules are being complied with in all parts of the state, starting from how much the corona test rate can be increased.

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According to the Union Health Ministry, the party will submit a report to the Center at 7 pm every day. The states identified by the central government have the highest number of active patients. Meanwhile, the regional administrations have decided to impose night curfew in several states of the country to curb the infection. Besides, the festive season is now underway. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, it is normal for crowds of tourists or ordinary people to flock here. At that time, the central government has asked to take care so that the infection does not increase.

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