Omicron Threat: Maharashtra Issues New Rules For Mumbai Residents Arriving From Dubai


New Delhi: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday issued new guidelines for monitoring of international travelers arriving from Dubai in Mumbai.

According to the new SOP, all international passengers arriving from Dubai who are Mumbai residents will have to compulsorily undergo seven-day home quarantine, followed by RT-PCR on Day 7.

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International arrivals residing in other parts of Maharashtra will not be allowed to take public transport while vehicles will be arranged for them.

“In view of possible threat of unregulated transmission, it is essential to rigorously implement disease surveillance for all international travellers, especially those arriving from countries at risk,” the official order noted.

Mentioning that there are 12 countries in the Union Government’s list of at risk countries, the order added that “Dubai being the hub where many passengers change the flights and hence there is mixing of travelers at the Dubai International Airport”.

Therefore, in view of the threat of Omicron infection in Mumbai from the passengers arriving from Dubai, it is essential to issue the guidelines for such travellers, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation stated.

The new guidelines for travelers arriving in Mumbai from Dubai include:

  • All international passengers on boarding the flight from Dubai and who are residents of Mumbai will compulsorily undergo seven days of Home Quarantine after arriving in Mumbai.
  • There shall be no need to do RT-PCR on arrival.
  • Travelers residing in other parts of Maharashtra other than Mumbai will be transferred by Collector, who shall arrange transport for such travellers. These travelers will not be allowed to take public transport.
  • Travelers who have connecting flights to other States or other parts of Maharashtra will be allowed to take the connecting flights, however, it is the responsibility of the Airport Authority to inform the respective Airport Officer regarding the travelers arriving from Dubai.
  • All the travelers arriving from Dubai and who are residents of Mumbai will be in home quarantine and will be followed by the Ward War Room for seven days. On the seventh day, RT-PCR will be done. If the test is negative, the traveler will self-monitor for further seven days. If the test is positive, they will be shifted to institutional quarantine as per the current guidelines for international travellers.

The above guidelines have been issued with immediate effect, in addition to previous guidelines.

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