One Year Of Corona Vaccination: One Year Of Corona Vaccination! In the BJP campaign, the opposition is raising the tone of criticism


#NewDelhi: With the anniversary of immunization approaching, political tensions are running high. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the Center has become embroiled in a political battle. On the one hand, the BJP has embarked on a massive campaign to mark the one-year anniversary of the corona vaccination as a success for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly.

On Sunday, Union Minister Anurag Tagore, Mansukh Mandavya and former health minister Harsh Vardhan tweeted since morning highlighting the government’s success in one year of vaccination. has also been widely publicized on behalf of the central government.

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At a time when the third wave of corona in the form of Omicron has spread across India, the Modi government wants to highlight the success of vaccination. Attempts have been made by the Center to explain that the incidence of tidal wave damage is relatively low due to extensive vaccination over a period of one year. However, the opposition did not stop criticizing the Modi government at the Center by raising the question of policy.

The Congress and the Trinamool have simultaneously fired at the central government over the government’s immunization targets and the current immunization statistics. Congress leader Prof Gaurav Vallabh said, “The Modi government is talking about speeding up vaccination to prevent corona, while not all states are being vaccinated equally. So how will all the states simultaneously speed up vaccination? “

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It is pertinent to note that even before this, the states have been vocal about the inadequate supply of corona vaccine. Trinamool MP and doctor Shantanu Sen said, “The Government of India’s immunization policy has been reprimanded all over the world. We saw that people were reluctant because people at that time had little idea about vaccinations. When people started getting vaccinated voluntarily, vaccines started crying. “

“In states like West Bengal where vaccination rates are good, the supply is low due to political retaliation. Despite the Prime Minister’s promise, he has not yet said that all adults in the country will be able to get a second dose of the vaccine,” he said.

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