PAN Card Steps To Check History Of PAN Card If You Want To Check The History Of PAN Card Follow These Easy Steps


Steps to Check History of PAN Card: In today’s time, Aadhar Card and PAN Card is one of the most important documents. Aadhar card is used more as a general identity proof, while PAN card is used for financial transactions. PAN card is mostly used by only those people who have any work related to banking transaction. PAN card is also very useful in income tax transactions. Nowadays it is very important to have a PAN card to open a bank account. Without this you cannot do any financial work. This card is also used to deposit EPF money.

Nowadays, PAN card is used almost everywhere, due to which many times we do not even remember where we have used our PAN card. Because of this, many times it falls in the hands of wrong people and fraudsters misuse it. Since this card is used for financial work, it is very important to keep it properly and keep checking its usage history.

Otherwise it can be misused. With the use of PAN card, people can do big frauds or scams. Along with this, many times people can become a guarantor of any person’s loan by using someone else’s card. By doing this your tax liability will be created and you will also have to pay tax for it.

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History to avoid
If any person has used your PAN card and done high value transaction with it, then its details will be shown in Form 26AS. By checking this, you can find out the wrong use of PAN. You must download this form. You can also take it from the portal of TRACES. After downloading this form (26AS Form Download), check all the transactions. With this you will know whether your PAN card has been misused or not. Along with this, always use your PAN only when it is very necessary. Do not give its details to anyone without any reason.

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