Passengers fined for smoking inside train

#Bengaluru: The fact that he was caught smoking inside the train and was fined is nothing new But despite the fear of fines, some passengers will get on the train, hide and steal and smoke. After being caught, many people started grumbling in anger with large fines But anyone will be shocked to hear what happened to a train passenger out of anger to pay a fine!

According to a report in the Indian Express, the passenger was fined by the RPF for smoking inside the train. Out of that anger, the passenger threatened the railway authorities by calling that there was a bomb in the train His brother 8 helped the accused passenger in this work The incident took place on Karnataka Express 8

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On Tuesday evening, a flying phone call came to the RPF in Agra The phone was threatened with a bomb on the Karnataka Express train Upon receiving the call, the GRP of Karnataka was informed from the railway control room in Agra. When the train reached Dharmabharam station in Andhra Pradesh around 11 pm, police with dogs and metal detectors searched all the carriages of the train. GRP and RPF. The search lasted for several hours but nothing was found Later it was understood that it was a fake threat

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A railway official said, “A relative of the man who made the threat was fined by the RPF for smoking inside the train.” The accused is being interrogated and an investigation is underway.

The Karnataka Express left New Delhi at 9.15 pm on 13 December. The train arrives at Bangalore City Station at 1.40 pm on Wednesday


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