PM Jacinda Ardern Cancels Wedding: PM cancels marriage


#Welington: Coronavirus is on the rise across the country. Covid 19’s new strain Omicron has added to the panic. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Cancels Wedding New restrictions have been imposed across the country due to Omikron’s eye contact. It has been decided to reduce crowds to prevent corona infection through various rules. As a result, many people will gather at social events like weddings. After that the marriage of the Prime Minister of the country (PM Jacinda Ardern Cancels Wedding).

Many New Zealand citizens are forced to cancel their marriages because of restrictions imposed on all New Zealand citizens (PM Jacinda Ardern Cancels Wedding). The country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also put herself on that list. New Zealand has imposed a new ban on wearing masks and maintaining social distance from midnight on Sunday. Omicron has already been found in the bodies of 9 people in North and South Islands. That is why there is a danger of spreading sectarianism.

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That’s why corona restrictions have already been tightened across the country in New Zealand. It is learned that a family went to a wedding a few days ago in North Island, the capital of Auckland. Everyone in the family, including the flight attendant, was infected with Omicron. As a result, the administration has tightened the rules of corona again. There are more than 25 people in the marriage and there is no permission without vaccination. The Prime Minister said that like all the people of the country, she too has decided to cancel the marriage.

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Jacinda Ardern says, ‘My marriage is not happening now. I’m sorry if anyone like me has had such a situation. The marriage has been postponed for now. Such a decision has been taken due to the rise of Corona. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places. I am no different from other citizens of New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern will be married to television host Clark Gayford. They got engaged in 2019.

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