Poonam Pandey got drunk with the ghost

#Mumbai: Poonam Pandey. As soon as this name is mentioned, the face of this Bollywood girl is almost viral. What he does spreads in an instant. Moreover, not everyone can do what Poonam can do. Who can take the challenge of opening clothes like him in words! Not only did she take on the challenge but she also got really naked. Poonam Pandey knows very well how to use these two social media, Instagram and Facebook! And that’s why the movie is not in hand, yet Poonam Pandey is in the news Poonam is snatching the whole limelight by sharing one video after another!

Poonam Pandey occasionally does or says something that surprises everyone. Like this, he did not muddy his marriage. Within a few days of the marriage, she went to the police station alleging sexual harassment against her husband. Although he raised the allegation himself again. She did not even think twice about posting a video of her husband saying that she would divorce him.

Just what! If you go to Poonam’s Instagram handle, you will see that she has filled the whole thing with nude videos. He teased the fans in various ways. Although his popularity in soft porn is a lot. She couldn’t do much in modeling or movies. However, he did not stop coming to practice. Poonam knows what to do when it comes to news.

Poonam Pandey recently shared a video on social media. He is sitting in the car. Suddenly he started shaking his body. It looks like someone is touching his body. But there is no one in the car except Poonam. But what! Poonam posted this video and wrote that there was a ghost sitting in the seat next to her. And that ghost wanted to have a physical relationship with him. Netizens laughed when they saw this comment.

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Many have said, ghosts no longer work! Poonam Pandey was caught at the end! Again, someone said, what is the need to do all this cheap publicity. But it does not matter. What is the harm if the news can come in this way!


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