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#Chennai: A school teacher has been arrested in Chennai for sharing pornography with students in the WhatsApp group. He shared this video with a group of twelfth graders. There are all students in that group. The students did not notice it at first because they shared the video in the middle of the night. Later, in the morning, the whole incident came to the notice of the students, after which they informed the parents. When the matter was immediately reported to the police, the teacher was finally arrested.

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According to a national media report, the teacher’s name is Mathivanan. He has been teaching in a private school in Ambatur for the last 12 years. He taught mathematics there. Online classes have started everywhere because of Pandemic. Since then, multiple WhatsApp groups have been created. There is work to be done to exchange information on various topics of the class. He has committed the act of sharing porn in such a group.

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According to the police, the teacher has been arrested under the Pokso Act. He has also been charged under the Information Technology Act. Besides, another incident has taken place in Tripura in a short span of time. A teacher has been accused of sexually harassing a first grader. The student’s family has said that the teacher molested the five-year-old child in the school premises. The child informed the parents about the situation immediately after the incident. Parents immediately started protesting at the school gate. After that a complaint was lodged in the name of the accused teacher. The onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left. Police said they would file a detailed complaint once the preliminary investigation was completed.


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