Post Office Scheme: | Post Office Scheme: This post office scheme will make you rich, you will get 16 lakh rupees in 10 years


Post Office Scheme: Every investor wants risk free investment along with good returns. Post office schemes have always been considered a good option for investment. Your money is completely safe in these schemes. There is also a good return available. Today we are going to tell you about a similar scheme of the post office. This scheme of Indian Post is a recurring deposit scheme.

starting with a small amount
Account can be opened in this ski for Rs.100. If you also want to create a big fund with small investment, then Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme can be a good option. Post Office Recurring Deposits are operated for a tenure ranging from 5 years to 10 years.

Can make big fund in 10 years
If you deposit 10 thousand rupees every month for 10 years, then you will be able to collect 16 lakh rupees. By depositing 10 thousand rupees every month for 10 years, you will deposit a total of 12 lakh rupees. On getting interest at the rate of 5.8 percent on these 12 lakhs, you will get Rs 16,26,476. By the way, this investment is also for 5 years.

These are the special advantages
If you are not able to deposit money in the Recurring Deposit Scheme midway and it gets closed in between then you can start it again. According to the rule, if 4 installments are not paid continuously on time, then the account gets closed, but to start again, you will have to pay a late installment penalty of 1 rupee on 1 rupee.

(Here ABP News is not giving any investment advice in any scheme. The information given here is for informational purpose only. Consult experts before depositing money in any scheme)

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