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New Delhi. In the political mood of India, the heat of the assembly elections of five states is increasing and the troubles of the Congress party are not taking the name of ending. The latest case is of Harish Rawat, who on Wednesday evening expressed his displeasure and displeasure towards the Congress top leadership and the party organization, but it was not even 24 hours that Harish Rawat’s mood changed and he took rest. Instead of doing it, they started talking about winning the election and making Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister. Harish Rawat is not the only such leader… Before him, the issues and complaints of Sachin Pilot and Navjot Singh Sidhu were resolved directly and clearly and behind all this one name was repeated. It comes to the fore and that of Congress General Secretary and in-charge of Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi… who has proved time and again for the last few months that she has become the troubleshooter of the Congress. Whether it is the issue of cabinet expansion during the tension between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot or to turn the tide in Punjab by supporting Navjot Singh Sidhu instead of Amarinder Singh… Priyanka Gandhi stood like a strong pillar. Read about the 5 occasions that prove Priyanka Gandhi to be the troubleshooter of the Congress.

Amarinder’s ‘coup’ and Sidhu’s support
After losing the support of Punjab MLAs and leaving the chief minister’s post, Captain Amarinder Singh had said in his statement that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were not politically mature. Amarinder Singh was well aware that the ‘revolt’ of Punjab leaders including Sidhu against him was supported by Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. When Navjot Singh Sidhu used to come to Delhi, he used to meet Priyanka Gandhi. A picture of Navjot Singh Sidhu with Priyanka Gandhi became very popular. However, the real test of Priyanka Gandhi and the Congress high command came to the fore when Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned in anger over the Charanjit Singh Channi government not taking action on some of his demands. This was a big setback for the Congress leadership, because Priyanka Gandhi had openly supported Sidhu and Amarinder Singh had been constantly calling her unstable nature, but Navjot Singh Sidhu himself called Priyanka Gandhi and presented her side. Later Sidhu had to withdraw his resignation.

Gehlot-pilot’s mystery solved
In July 2020, a political storm erupted in the Rann of Rajasthan and a fierce fight broke out between the current Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. If Priyanka Gandhi had not intervened in this fight at the last moment, there would have been a big political upheaval in Rajasthan, but Priyanka Gandhi’s intervention did not let the matter derail. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi also intervened to persuade the pilot. The matter calmed down but the tension in the relationship between Pilot and Gehlot continued. The pilot’s demands were not met. The patience of the pilot supporters of Ahmed Patel’s death began to respond. On the other hand, after resolving the issue of Punjab, Priyanka Gandhi focused on Rajasthan and talked to Sachin Pilot along with Rahul Gandhi and persuaded Gehlot to fulfill Pilot’s demands. Cabinet expansion took place in Rajasthan after meeting Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot publicly admitted that he was satisfied with the decision of the party high command.

Harish Rawat agreed within 24 hours
The case of veteran Congress leader Harish Rawat in Uttarakhand is of this week. Harish Rawat had created an earthquake in the politics of Uttarakhand by tweeting one after the other, before Priyanka Gandhi, who was hesitant in the politics of the hill state, stepped forward. In fact, just before the assembly elections, former Chief Minister Rawat had strongly objected to the lack of cooperation within the party by tweeting, after which all the veteran leaders of Uttarakhand Congress were summoned to Delhi on Thursday. At the same time, Priyanka Gandhi spoke to Harish Rawat and according to reports, the Congress high command agreed to give ‘upper hand’ to Harish Rawat. tweet later
Harish Rawat said, ‘My tweet is the same as everyday, but after reading the newspaper today, I felt that there is something special, because BJP and AAP party got a big chill after reading my tweet and hence the statements with salt and pepper. are giving.

Handled disgruntled G-23 leaders
After the death of Congress’s Chanakya Ahmed Patel, it was not easy for the Congress leadership to fill his place, but Priyanka Gandhi handled this responsibility well. Priyanka Gandhi has emerged as a link in the internal politics of the party. In fact, it was Priyanka Gandhi who handled the dissatisfaction that emerged after the Congress Working Committee meeting by the G-23 leaders and the subsequent situation of writing a letter to Sonia Gandhi. Priyanka Gandhi spoke to the prominent leaders of G-23 and played an important role in bridging the gap of discontent. She was an important link of Priyanka Gandhi, due to which the Congress leadership was able to bring the leaders of the G-23 faction on the path of direct communication.

Brought up Rahul Gandhi again in Amethi!
After the defeat of Rahul Gandhi from Amethi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it was Priyanka Gandhi who not only gave life to the UP Congress, but also brought Rahul Gandhi back to Amethi. Rahul Gandhi had reached Amethi after a long time. Perhaps there has been only one occasion after the election results, when Rahul Gandhi has gone to Amethi, but last week the crowd gathered in the Congress party’s Amethi padyatra told that Priyanka Gandhi has made the UP Congress stand on its feet in the last two years. .

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