Priyanka Gandhi on Rape Remark: Priyanka Gandhi on Rape Remarks


#NewDelhi: While the entire Congress party, including Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, has been protesting against the injustice done to women, the whole country (Priyanka Gandhi on Rape Remark) has been embroiled in controversy. KRRamesh Kumar, a Congress MLA from Karnataka, said, “When rape happens, it is better to enjoy it.” Priyanka Gandhi on Rape Remarks At the time, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi tweeted on Friday the party leader’s remarks on rape (Priyanka Gandhi on Rape Remark).

On Friday, Priyanka Gandhi wrote on Twitter, “I strongly protest against the remarks made by Shri KR Ramesh Kumar. It is inexplicable that anyone could use such a word, it is unacceptable. Rape is a heinous crime. Stop it. ‘ The controversial remarks were made by veteran Congress leader and former state speaker KR Ramesh Kumar during a discussion on agriculture law in the Karnataka Assembly on Thursday. He said, “When rape is inevitable, it is better to lie down and enjoy it.”

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এমনThere has been a storm of condemnation across the country over the Congress leader’s remarks. In the end, former Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly and Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar apologized. Rekha Sharma, chairperson of the National Commission for Women, on Friday lashed out at Karnataka Congress MLA Ramesh Kumar for his remarks on rape in the state assembly. Meanwhile, Ramesh Kumar apologized for his remarks and said, “I have no hesitation in expressing my regret if any section of the society, especially women, has been hurt in the statement I made in the assembly.”

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During the discussion on agricultural law yesterday, a commotion started in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. “I can’t control the assembly,” he said. If you give time to everyone, the house will not work. Now whatever you say, I have to say yes. There is nothing I can do but enjoy this situation. ‘ Addressing the speaker, he said, “When rape can’t be stopped, enjoy it.” Surprisingly no one objected to his remarks. Not even the speaker himself. On the contrary, most members of the Legislative Assembly laughed at his words.



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