Ranu Mandal’s wedding! Viral video

#Kolkata: Ranu Mandal. You must have heard this name. At one time the station at Ranaghat was his address. Ranu used to sing and beg there. The family lived on what they got. After that Ranu Mandal’s song went viral on social media. Latakanthi Ranu went viral. Everyone is praising his voice. The artist became popular overnight.

The next story is known to almost everyone. Viral video on social media from Ranaghat station. From there he got straight to Bollywood. Himesh Reshammiya was fascinated by Ranu’s song (Ranu Mandal got marriage proposal). Call him and take him to Mumbai. There he sang a song with Himesh. He can do the same song in Bollywood. At that time Ranur changed his mind. Clothing, hair, makeup all change. But Ranu Mandal could not hold them for long.

He returned to his home in Ranaghat (Ranu Mandal got marriage proposal). Small bulb light in the room. According to some, his family lives. He no longer gets the call of the song. However, his virality does not stop. Recently a video went viral on social media. With which the tumultuous practice has started again.

Ranu Mandal or marriage. But the potter is not a person, he is a popular person. He came straight to Ranu from Bangladesh. He proposed marriage to Ranu. Ranu also got a marriage proposal. In a word, he said yes to marriage.

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But Ranu (Ranu Mandal) dress that nightie on top of the blue hoodie, t-shirt. Ranu agreed to get married after seeing this dress. This young man also came with a marriage proposal in 2019. But he has to go back to that time. Could not meet Ranu. However, this time this person of Bangladesh will not go without getting married.

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So is Ranu really getting married (Ranu Mandal got marriage proposal)? Although the person made the whole thing fun. In fact, the young man is a popular YouTuber in Bangladesh. He made videos by finding people who went viral in Kolkata. A few days ago, he was seen making a video with Viral Badam Kakur. But it was unthinkable that he would propose marriage to Ranu. They talked to each other. Danced. The young man said to Ranu, I will marry you and take you to Bengal. I will keep you happy. Ranu Mandal also agreed. Although the whole thing is fun! However, netizens say, if it was in reality, but it would not be bad! Vote Chaluk or Celeb Marriage, Superhit Ranu Mandal in all seasons.


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