Rare deer were seen in the forest of Kaziranga


#Guwahati: Kaziranga National Park There are no people in the whole world who do not know about this jungle. The tension in this jungle of India is quite different from all other jungles. This time a deer of this forest surprised everyone. White albino hog deer was seen here. This albino hog deer can be seen only in the forest of Kaziranga. This deer (Albino Hog Deer) is very rare. Seeing this white deer on him, the jungle lovers have started making noise as usual.

A video was shared on December 16 on the Twitter page of Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve. There is an Albino Hog Deer with an Albino Hog Deer. He is coming out of the jungle with small feet towards the road. These deer are very small in size. The other deer with the white deer is a little bigger. The white one is absolutely childish.

Such white deer are really rare (Albino Hog Deer). Usually they are not white to see. When the skin is white, the color becomes white. Just like the white tiger. That’s it. But because of its white color, this deer looks as sweet as its skin color.

Because of the color of the deer’s skin, they can easily hide behind the leaves of the forest. Can cause camouflage (Albino Hog Deer). But the white color is very bright. This color will catch the eye of a tiger or other animal even from a distance. As a result, the deer can easily die. This color will increase the problem for him in the battle of life. Many people have shared this video. Many people are very happy to see this color of deer. However, everyone has said that this deer calf should be kept in view. He cannot camouflage himself. As a result, it is very difficult for him to survive.

Someone said, I am going to Kaziranga (Albino Hog Deer) in January. If only a glimpse of this sweet deer could be found. Social media is full of such comments. A few days ago, a 23-year-old tiger was spotted in the boxer forest. There is a lot of fuss about it. In the meantime, this white deer has created a new sensation in the minds of jungle-lovers.



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