Rare twin brothers Sohna and Mohana got government jobs


# Amritsar: Two brothers in one limb (Amritsar Conjoined Twins Sohna-Mohna). Everyone now knows Sohna and Mohana of Amritsar. They are twin brothers. But their body is one. Two legs, four arms, two heads and two separate entities. Two such people living in one body have been seen before. These two brothers are especially capable. But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. That’s exactly what they did. There are many physical obstacles for them to survive in life. But Sohna and Mohana are living examples of how to overcome that obstacle and win the battle of life.

These two brothers (Amritsar Conjoined Twins Sohna-Mohna) were born in Amritsar, Punjab. Middle class family. But they love to study since childhood. Although their two entities are different, their bodies are one. So the two have to study together. And they can’t do anything different if they want to grow up. They have to work, play, eat, sleep and study together. But this time these two brothers surprised everyone.

19-year-old Sohna and Mohna (Amritsar Conjoined Twins Sohna-Mohna) have just got government jobs. They got jobs in Punjab Government’s State Power Corporation Limited. They got government jobs before the big day. It is learned that these two young men have joined this work with a monthly salary of 20,000. The two brothers did their diploma from ITI in Punjab.

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The news that they are doing diploma was with PSPCL. According to their authorities, we got the news that these two specially capable brothers are doing diploma from ITI. They both want to be electricians. There is considerable risk involved in this. Then they were contacted. They are tested. Sohna’s knowledge is very good. Mohana will help Sohna. These two brothers won all the battles together. Sohna and Mohana are examples to the world.

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