Remembering Irrfan Khan: “You forgot 26 times out of 32”.


#Mumbai: What’s the point of celebrating a birthday again? Along with Sutapa Sikdar’s birthday, actor Irrfan Khan used to come up with some philosophical reason for forgetting his birthday unknowingly. Many days have passed without Irfan. However, family, friends and fans still have a crush on Irfan. Nothing can fill the void that a loved one leaves. Irfan’s wife Sutapa Sikder can’t even fill it. Today, on his birthday, Sutapa wrote a strange letter to the late Irfan (Remembering Irrfan Khan). Sharing a bunch of photos of her birthday celebrations with her son Babil and Ayan Khan, Sutapa said, “She has” finally forgiven “her late husband for forgetting 28 of his 32 birthdays.

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Sutapa said he could not sleep the night before his birthday (Remembering Irrfan Khan). Countless memories stood in the crowd, eternal anger, love seemed to be embodied again. Sutapa writes, “At first I was angry, then I suffered, then I gave up hope, and in the end I gladly accepted your philosophical reason for not celebrating my birthday and forgetting.” Sutapa said that on the eve of one of his birthdays, Sutapa told Irfan exactly how he liked to celebrate and Sutapa loved to celebrate every moment not only as a birthday but also as a time spent with Irfan.

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The idea of ​​Sutpar, a mother of two, Irfan must have whispered in Babil and Ayan’s dream about celebrating his mother’s birthday. Sutapa was surprised that the boys did not forget their mother’s birthday and wished her well in the middle of the night (Remembering Irrfan Khan). “There are deep doubts, you must have whispered in their dreams, otherwise they will plan so much!” Written by Sutapa. He said that he had never missed Irfan like this while celebrating his birthday.

Sutpar believes that Irfan would be very happy to see his sons love their mother so much even if they don’t believe in birthdays.

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