Rolf Buchholz: more than four hundred piercings on the body; 26 holes in secret! Guinness Book of World Records


#Hamburg: Rolf Buchholz, 61, has been named in the Guinness Book of World Records. But who is this person? What is the force or his Guinness record?

Ralph, who lives in Germany, has a total of 433 piercings on his body. There are about 27 holes in his genitals.

Many of us have heard of people who do not feel any pain from external injuries. Ralph from Germany is such a man. Surprised? Yes, Ralph did such a shocking thing.

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The 61-year-old man, who lives in Germany, has had several piercings on his body. Ralph is the person who has pierced the body the most in the world. According to Ralph, piercing different parts of his body will be one of his hobbies. Ralph has pierced his body more than four and a half hundred times due to this hobby. Piercing is usually done by inserting a metal stick through a hole in the body. The most surprising thing is that most of this stick has been used in his private parts.

Ralph holds the record for most piercings in the world. Ralph Pierce, who lives in Dortmund, Germany, likes to get tattoos as well. 90 percent of his body is full of tattoos. Netizens have noticed the tattoo on Ralph’s eye iris. Ralph also happily shared what he wanted to know about his sex life after the piercing.

According to Ralph, sex has nothing to do with piercing. He and his partner are having a normal sex life as before.

When did such a bizarre idea of ​​piercing start? Ralph replied that he had his first piercing at the age of 40. It has not stopped since then. Now her whole body is full of tattoos and piercings.

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Ralph worked in the telecom industry. He also said that which is the most painful tattoo yet! According to Ralph, the tattoo on his palm hurt him the most. Ordinary life also failed a lot because of that tattoo.

Not only the palms of the hands, Ralph has suffered many times due to piercing. He was once denied entry to the United Arab Emirates because of changes in his body. He was mistakenly stopped at the airport as a black magician.



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