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#NewDelhi: What is the end of the cold season? The end of the Cold War? This time, however, Russia and America face? Doesn’t the political crisis surrounding the Eastern European Ukraine Crisis point in that direction? The Pentagon has instructed 8,500 US troops to make “extreme preparations” in the wake of the Ukraine Crisis in Eastern Europe, according to US media reports. However, it was not immediately clear where the troops would be deployed. However, the United States has said in a statement that Russia is not ready to stop the Ukraine crisis, which is why it has to prepare its troops for security reasons.

The United States has made it clear that millions of Russian troops have already set up bases along the Ukrainian border. If the army enters Ukraine in this way, it will not be very good for NATO countries and America. That’s why the Biden administration is keeping the army ready. However, if NATO does not decide to deploy troops jointly, then the army will not enter anywhere.

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NATO has already said that NATO warships are sending several warships and warplanes to Eastern Europe. The decision was prompted by Russia’s policy of seizing power in Ukraine. NATO countries include Denmark, Spain, France and the Netherlands. These countries are sending military aid to Eastern Europe. The army has been asked to be ready to intervene if there is a security breach for any reason.

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The Pentagon said in a statement that Russia was responsible for the attack. Russia does not want to reduce tensions. So the United States has said it will take a hard line. Russia will do its best to prevent harm to ordinary people and friends.

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