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#Mumbai: Bad news for Salman Khan’s fans. Fans who are in a holiday mood on the last Sunday of the year are naturally anxious about such news. Bollywood star Salman Khan (Salman Khan Bitten by Snake) was bitten by a snake at Panvel’s farmhouse on Saturday night at 3 o’clock. He was rushed to a hospital in Mumbai’s Kamothe area. After staying the night, Salman returned home at 9 am on Sunday (Salman Khan Bitten by Snake). The actor (Salman Khan Bitten by Snake) has returned to the farmhouse from the hospital.

December 26, Monday is Salman Khan’s birthday. The ever-young Bollywood actor is about to turn 56. Salman had planned this birthday celebration while visiting Panvel’s farmhouse. But before that there is danger. The actor had to spend the night in the hospital after being bitten by a snake. Salman Khan has already celebrated his pre-birthday with Bigg Boss 15 and RRR crew. Ram Charan, Jr. NTR, Alia Bhatt and SS Rajamouli were present on the set.

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Salman was also seen dancing with junior NTR and Ram Charan in the popular song ‘Nattu Nattu’ on the set of Bigg Boss 15. There Alia Bhatt sang to Salman. However, such horrific incidents took place on Saturday night before Salman’s birthday celebrations with family and friends. It is learned that the snake that bit Salman was not poisonous. However, doctors have advised him to rest for the time being as deep wounds have been created. Salman Khan will stay at the farmhouse for a while now.

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Salman spent the entire lockdown time in this farmhouse in Panvel. The whole family and even actress Jacqueline Fernandez went there with Salman. It is learned that Salman Khan was sitting on the lawn outside the farmhouse in this area full of trees and chatting with his friends on Saturday night. That’s when the snake got up and bit him. Salman also got a little scared. The actor is fine now.

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