Scientists discover first true millipede with 1306 legs in Australia make world record

New Delhi. Scientists are always engaged in finding something new and unique. Recently, scientists have discovered such a unique creature, which has 1306 legs, not one or two legs. As soon as it came into existence, a new species of this millipedes has got the title of being the most footed creature in the world. Scientists have named this species of Gojar as Eumileps persephone. A total of 1306 legs have been found in the body of this creature. Scientists told that these creatures live very below the surface of the earth and are rarely seen on the surface.

Paul Marek, an entomologist at Virginia Tech University and author of the research paper on the discovery of the species, says the word ‘millipede’ has always been a misnomer. In the research paper, he has written that there are many such species of cows in the world, whose feet are probably less than 100. Before the discovery of this species, the record for having the most feet was the name of the species Illacme plenipes of the gojar. There are a total of 750 legs in the body of the species Ilacme plenipes.

In the analyzed sample, 1306 feet have been found, which is a world record. Umilips Persephone is a pale and eyeless gooseberry. The length of this creature is about 100 times more than its width. The Umilips Persephone with the most legs is pale yellow in colour.

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The most surprising thing is that this creature, which looks like a long thread, does not have eyes. It is 100 times longer than the width of this creature. The head of this creature is like an ice cream cone with many antennae on it. These antennae help it to move in the dark. It eats this fungus.


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