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#Mumbai: The stock market crashed again. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has seen a sharp fall in the Sensex and Nifty since the corona (Virus) new strain Omicron matched last month. As Omicron increased its influence on the soil of this country, it had a direct effect on the stock market. The Sensex and Nifty fell sharply as the market opened on Monday.

As soon as the stock market opens this morning, the index starts to go down quickly. At 12 noon, the Sensex fell 1700 points. Currently, the Sensex index is hovering around 56,000. The Nifty index also fell sharply. The Nifty on the National Stock Exchange fell nearly 400 points to close at 16,500 points. Experts fear that the Nifty could quickly fall below 16,000.

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Note that Dalal Street witnessed a terrible fall in the lockdown episode. The Sensex index fell to 25 thousand. However, later in the day, the stock market index continued to rise again. In the middle, of course, the market has seen good days. At one point, the Sensex index was above 70,000.

But Dalal Street is in danger of a new horrible day in the eyes of Omicron. Investors are reluctant to invest in the stock market, fearing that Omicron could lead to another lockdown in the country. That is why the market is pushing.

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Although the number of corona cases in the country is on the rise, there is growing concern about Omicron. Even a few months ago, where experts were claiming that pandemic was slowly turning into endemic, Omicron is not allowing that to happen for the time being. Yesterday, a panel formed by the central government claimed that the third wave of corona may come to the country in February. Which is further raising fears among investors in the market.


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