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#Mumbai: At one time he was addicted to alcohol and drugs and played twelve of his career. Pooja Bhatt, the eldest daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, became intoxicated. Finally came out of that darkness. The Bollywood actress spent five long years without getting drunk.

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One day, on the advice of his father, he regained consciousness and worshiped. He is slowly trying to get back to normal life. Sharing a black-and-white photo in Bralette, she wrote that restraint is actually sexy.

He has been away from alcohol for five years in a row, and he is grateful. Pooja (Bollywood News) keeps track of one year, one month, day after quitting drugs. Earlier, he wrote, ‘I used to drink in public. Now I try to be restrained in public. ‘

From the beginning of his career, Pujara was known as a brave man. He was even seen flirting with his father Mahesh Bhatt for the cover of the magazine. Pooja Bhatt was also addicted to drugs and alcohol. She was a controversial actress. Whether the picture was a hit or a flop, he had alcohol in his hand. But Pooja said that after receiving a message from her father, she started seeing life in a unique way.

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From the very beginning, Pooja Bhatt did not hide anything about the struggle to get rid of intoxication. He did not want to hide the problem. Pooja realized that he was in the grip of a destructive drug. You have to accept this before you can get out of it.

In an interview, Pooja said that his first film was ‘Daddy’. There a young woman helps her father to get out of the clutches of drugs. Even after acting in such a film, he himself is an alcoholic! Pooja (Bollywood News) has been vocal about the issue many times. Explain that this problem can happen to anyone. He has been away from drugs for so many years due to his strong mind and indomitable will. Puja sees these years as his own rebirth.

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