Son kills Mother || Interrupted physical activity in the middle of the night, the boy did such a disgusting thing with his mother to take revenge!


#Telangana: The boy was exercising in the middle of the night. The mother prevented it. The boy got angry and crushed his mother with a dumbbell and killed her. The incident took place on Monday, January 24 in Sultanbazar, Hyderabad, Telangana. The sister was also injured while trying to save her mother from the wrath of her grandfather. Although his injuries are serious, his physical condition is stable at present.

The accused youth’s name is Konda Sudhir (24). He worked in a food supply company after graduation. He lived with his mother and sister for seven years after his father died. But he quit his job a year ago. He has been living at home ever since. Sudhir’s sister Suchitra said that Dada was exercising at 2 o’clock that night. Then his mother forbade him. Sudhir gets angry at that. Before he knew it, the dumbbell in his hand rushed towards his mother. He also came running at his mother’s shout. When he went to save his mother, his grandfather became so violent that he hit her too. However, he managed to escape to Konom.

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Initial investigations revealed that Sudhir was mentally ill. Recently the treatment was started. He used to see a doctor in a local private hospital. Suchitra was rushed to hospital in critical condition. For now, he is safe. However, Sudhir’s mother Konda Papamma died on the spot. Police recovered his body and sent it for autopsy. Police said Sudhir, accused of killing his mother, would be arrested.

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