Sp leader abu azmi on legal marriage age of women

New Delhi. In India, it has been decided to increase the age of marriage of girls from 18 years to 21 years. Now the era of politics has started on this decision of the central government. Recently, Samajwadi Party MLA and leader Abu Azmi has given a controversial statement regarding the age of girls. They are considering this move of the government as wrong. At the same time, he said that if the marriage is delayed and the boy or girl commits more sins, then the parents will get its sin.

In a conversation with News18, Azmi said, ‘As soon as the girl child grows up for us, she becomes an adult i.e. she becomes eligible for marriage. Be it a boy or a girl, get him married immediately. If marriage is not found, then wait till then. But as soon as his marriage is found somewhere, then you will delay his marriage due to some other reasons and that girl or boy has committed a crime or has come in contact with someone else and has done any such activity, which can lead to sin, then his whole sin. Parents will get He took too long to get married.

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During this, the SP leader says that even when the girl, my daughter, my sister, is alone in the house, it has been told to me that do not stay with the daughter alone, ‘the devil can ride on’. Azmi raised questions on the decision of the government. He said that interfering in the ‘sultanate’ created by God and Allah leads to imbalance. Even before this, some leaders including MP Syed Tufail Hasan have given controversial statements regarding the age of marriage of the girl.

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