Standing in Queues: Waiting in long lines for the rich, this young man earns more than 18 thousand rupees a day!


London: When we stand in a long line, after a while we lose our temper, we get bored (standing in queues). But did you know that for a little patience a person in London earns about 180 pounds a day? About 18 thousand 246 rupees in Indian currency What? 6 standing in line for the rich

There are a lot of rich people in London who don’t like to stand in line Waiting in line for their buckles can fetch up to ২০ 20 an hour. One person’s latest claim is that he earns 180 pounds a day or 16,000 rupees in Indian currency!

Although it sounds easy to hear, this work is quite difficult in the workplace Freddie Beckett from London said He claims to have earned পা 180 a day by standing in line for the rich The 31-year-old said he had to work about eight hours a day Almost all of it he either stands, or walks

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average Fulham resident. In the summer, when various events and exhibitions are held in London, Beckett’s busyness peaks. He advertised his efficiency online 7 He also takes care of the pets, packs the things, does the household chores and gardens.

Waiting for the perfect Beckett literally means ‘waiter’ “I can’t charge more than পা 20 an hour for my work,” he said Because my work does not require any specific skills, even hard work But it also gives me a lot of flexibility in earning This method of earning is also very similar to my writing schedule It’s a lot of fun for my friends and family, but they’re not surprised. “

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